A wide range of industries have benefited from our vast global connections.


“Robot” is the first picture that comes to mind, but it means more than that. Automation could be machines that are able to do more in one setup, one handling. It also refers to other options like pallet systems for moving work around, in and out of machines. Automation is not a replacement or an alternative for people.The use of automation technology can not only liberate people from heavy manual labor, part of mental labor and harsh and dangerous working environments, but also expand human organ functions, greatly improve labor productivity, and enhance human ability to understand and transform the world . Foryea will be committed to providing more sophisticated accessories in the field of automation and making due contributions to human development.


Foryea produce medical applications that meet today's strict industry needs.Our group is committed to providing the Medical Industry with superior mechanical components and assemblies to match the reliability and performance of your Medical Industry products. We create value-added solutions for our Medical Industry customers through collaborative relationships, engineering expertise, and innovation.


Semiconductors are changing the world. We’re helping change how they’re made.
Whether in material, structure, craftsmanship, quality and precision,Performance aspects such as reliability and stability,Foryea has achieved the ability to provide parts and components required for semiconductor equipment.


The telecommunications sector is constantly evolving and as precision engineers we are able to produce complex parts, which not only meet the demands of the sector but are specific to our customer needs. We work with a number of blue chip companies in the telecommunications and semi-conductor sector providing individual components through to completed assemblies as part of our process driven solution to provide the highest level of service and on-time delivery to our customers.


Foryea works hand-in-hand with global leaders in the automotive industry. We are proud of this longstanding partnership and continue to provide machining solutions for these sectors as technology moves forward seeking ever higher levels of efficiencies. is committed to providing the Automotive Industry with superior mechanical components and assemblies to match the reliability and performance of your Automotive products.


We provide the Aircraft Industry with superior mechanical components and assemblies to match the reliability and performance of your Aircraft products. We have the proven capability and specialist cutting edge skills, which enable us to deliver the most sophisticated and complex of components required by the aerospace industry.


Our extensive knowledge of transportation industry requirements stems from years of selling products and solutions to customers focused on the transportation industry. Our in house tool makers can provide cost effective solutions to help create fixtures and tooling, allowing us to quickly integrate your part needs into our manufacturing processes. Whether we are working with alloy steels, aluminum, brass, copper, or 17-4PH steels. our many years of experience allow us to exceed your needs. Our capabilities allow us to form, machine in a wide range of sizes for a variety of transportation industries including automotive, heavy truck, off-highway and recreational vehicles to name a few.


Leading manufacturer of CNC Machined, Precision Optical Components & Optical Parts. We understand the unique manufacturing constraints involved with the optical industry. The immensely small tolerances and impeccable quality control standards required by the optics industry often constrain optical product manufacturers; however, our state-of-the-art optical parts lathing job shop is more than prepared,which enables us to turn most any optical part design concept into a finished product, with on-time delivery.


Regardless of the type of drone,which applications include geospatial surveying & mapping, agriculture, construction,energy, forestry, infrastructure, mining,hobbies and public safety.Foryea can provide professional spare parts customization service.



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