Foryea is firmly planted in global manufacturing since its inception in 2016. We has structured ourself as a vital link between our gloabal customers and our manufacturing facilities in China and arond the world.

Foryea is committed to providing precision parts, fixture clamps processing & Automation equipment research and development component services for automation、aerospace, semiconductor、 new energy、 medical、communications、 automotive、 optics、 drones、railway 、transportation and other fields.

Years of industry experience proves that we have the ability to provide you with a guarantee for price optimization, cost control, on-time product delivery, and high-quality solutions.
Let the team of experts at Foryea be your partner in supply chain management.
                                                                International Distributors
                  Foryea works hand-in-hand with leading global players within various industries. We are proud of this longstanding partnership and continue to provide machining solutions for these sectors as technology moves forward seeking ever higher levels of efficiencies.



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